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The Ripple Pond - Support Network For Families Of Physically & Emotionally Injured Personnel/Veterans

Big White Wall - Support To UK Armed Forces, Veterans And Families

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AFF Survey - How Do You Make Work "Work For You?"

How do you make work 'work' for you? That's the theme of our latest survey, which aims to understand the barriers you might face in employment as an Army spouse.
Our survey runs from 19-30 September and covers the types of employment Army spouses and partners undertake, how you manage childcare, what support you receive from your soldier (if any) and how you deal with the issue of mobility when working.
Tell us your reasons for working, whether it's financially viable and the secret to your success!

Your evidence will help us to understand better what support is needed, and could help other spouses and partners to forge their own career success.

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Save 50% On Places To Eat!


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AFF South West Co-ordinator

NI Credits For Overseas Postings Since 1975

National Insurance credits for partners of armed forces personnel overseas after 6 April 1975

How spouses and civil partners of armed forces personnel posted overseas can fill gaps in their National Insurance record.
Apply online : Click here

National Insurance For Forces Dependents Overseas

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Money Managment For UK Service People

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Service Families Accomodation - Are You Pet Prepared?


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CarillionAmey Message - Mail Redirection On Move-Out Of SFA

When Moving Out of your Service Family Accommodation please make sure that you have arranged to redirect your mail.
The Post Office offers a redirection service at:

Carillionamey - Top Tips For Successful Move Out Of Families Accommodation

Website: Visit the CA website for all guidance on Moving out of Service Family Accommodation

Film: Watch the CarillionAmey Pre- Move out and Move out YouTube film on our website under the Service Family Accommodation section/Guides, Booklets and Films  

Pre Move Out Appointment: Book and attend your pre – move out appointment 

Move Out Tick Sheet Booklet: Download and use your Move out tick sheet booklet from our website to understand what you need to do and check each area of your property to make sure it meets the Move out standard

If you are living in Service Family Accommodation, your CarillionAmey Accommodation Officer (AO) is your key point of contact on the ground.  Their role is instrumental in making sure that you and we are looking after your home from the moment you move into it to the moment you move out. 

Our AOs are often your first point of contact and make a real difference to the smooth running of your move in and out. We now have a large team of 138 people working as AOs or in supporting roles and we’re running on-going training to ensure they have both the technical expertise you need as well as being customer focused.

Each AO looks after between 250 to 300 properties and is responsible for moving families into and out of them as well as looking after you whilst you are living in the property. They also ensure local play parks, street lighting and communal grounds areas are well maintained.

If you have an ongoing issue with your property or surrounding areas, please call the Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 on either option 1 or option 3 and ask our adviser to contact your AO to arrange a home visit.  By working together, we can try and make sure that your stay in your property is an enjoyable one.    

CarillionAmey - Important Window Safety Check Required In Family Accommodation

As we approach the warmer months of the year, it is really important to check that the window restrictors in the upstairs of your property are working correctly, especially if you have children.
You can do this by:
Engaging the window restrictor (putting the lock/latch on) and trying to fully open the window. The restrictor should only allow the window to be opened a small way
Look at your window restrictor. It should have the BS kite safety mark stamped on it (shown below)

If you are concerned that your window restrictor is not working correctly please call us on 0800 707 6000 option 1.
If you are moving into your property, your Accommodation Officer will check the window restrictors for you and show you how they work.

Moving Into Service Families Accommodation (SFA)

Carillionamey: Service Families Accommodation - Patch Management

Improving the way we manage your patch

As part of the improvement plan, CarillionAmey have rolled out a new initiative which we are hoping will assist with better communication. Each Accommodation Officer (AO) is responsible for making regular checks on the Service Family homes and the surrounding communal areas for which they are responsible. 
They conduct regular inspections looking out for things such as graffiti, fallen trees, and potholes in roads. During their walk-around they also take a look at the exterior of properties, and may often notice things that families miss, such as a leaking drainpipe or blocked guttering and should alert the occupants so that a job can be raised.

Nowadays with so many families where both partners work, sometimes issues are identified when no one is home, and although the AO will raise the job with the Helpdesk, families may only find out about it when an engineer arrives to complete the job. We recognise that may be a concern for some families so CarillionAmey’s new patch management inspection card aims to solve this problem. Once the AO has identified an issue with the exterior of a property, the details will be completed on the card and posted through the letterbox, helping to prevent small repairs becoming bigger ones. 

Here is a reminder of what CarillionAmey are responsible for within your patch:

Moving Out Of SFA - Arranging Cleaning Scheme

Consider our Walk Away scheme, information is available on our website:
You can book the service with your Accommodation Officer at the Pre-Move Out appointment.

Additional Needs Adaptation In Service Families Accommodation

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MOD - Arranging Removals

Agility Logistics Limited are the approved MOD provider

CA SFA: Everyday Living – Repairs And Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance in your Service Family Accommodation.
What are YOU responsible for? 

Moving Out Of SFA - Walk Away Scheme Explained

We have also added a new 'Walk Away Scheme' video to our website aimed at simply explaining how the scheme works.

Joining The Army Reserves

For information on the role of the Army Reserve
(formerly known as the Territorial Army) and
how it fits within the greater British Army organisation.

 For details of what it's like to belong to the Army Reserve
and recruiting information, please click 
where the role of the individual Reservist is

Forces UK Schools Directory

Moving Schools - Guide For Service Families

The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides expert and impartial advice about the education of service children.
CEAS provides information and advice as well as supporting parents at meetings with schools, local authorities, at tribunal etc. No question is too small or too large for us to deal with. If we don’t know the answer ourselves we usually know someone who does.
To read more CLICK HERE
Telephone: 01980 618 244 (Military 94 344 8244)

Home Insurance Discount For Military Families Accommodation

MOD Discount - Interflora Flowers & Gifts

Little Troopers - NEW Tri Service Separation Packs For All Forces Families

Supporting Children,Young People & Families During Deployment

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Families Deployment Support Guide

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Common Questions About The HIVE Blog

Q.I sometimes forget to check the HIVE Blog for updates, so probably miss out on what is going and find out about events too late.

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A. You can browse the list of posts in the ‘Blog Archive’ on the bottom left hand side of the homepage or click on a specific label heading on left hand panel.
Alternatively, you can use the Blog Search box.  For example, if you wanted to find out about information on employment in the local area  just type job vacancy into the box and the relevant post will be displayed.

Q. I would like to put information on the blog such as a event i am organising. I have a poster and would like to upload it for the local community to see.   

A. Simply contact the HIVE by phone or email (details are on the right hand panel of the blog home page) and your poster or information will be uploaded for you - free of charge. 

If you have any ...........
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Please contact 
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HIVE blogs are an MOD sponsored online presence, registered with and approved by MOD (DMC).  In accordance with the MOD Online Engagement Guidelines, HIVE blog content must be limited to unclassified information only which is relevant and useful to the local military community.

Active Plus - Join Our Team!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Forces Enterprise Network - Career & Business Support

The Forces Enterprise Network, Recruit for Spouses and Evolution Forces Families have announced the creation of a new careers and enterprise company ‘Forces Enterprise Network Hub’ a fully integrated organisation which aims to transform the provision of careers and business support for the ‘whole’ Armed Forces Community.

FEN Hub exists to provide members of our Armed Forces community with the skills, resources and practical tools needed to be successful in whatever route to employment they choose, either by starting and maintaining a business or securing employment.

We bring our passion for business, experience in recruitment, knowledge of financial services and expertise in delivering training programmes and business networking to our defence community, and together we are making a difference in the lives of tri-service members, veterans, reservists, spouses and their families.

Christine Dedman, Director at Forces Enterprise Network says: “Our newly established organisation is a natural fit, together we can provide extended services to the whole Armed Forces community drawing on our individual strengths and in-depth understanding of the defence community in which we operate.”

Through our combined experience we have created a social enterprise designed specifically to meet the needs of our Armed Forces personnel, their spouses, veterans and reservists. We aim to offer a comprehensive support utilising our combined connections. Our partnership unites our individual members and works in response to the changing shift in employment options, MoD and government policy to support further the choices and support available in employment and self-employment to the Armed Forces community.

Heledd Kendrick, CEO at Recruit for Spouses says: “Recruit for Spouses believes that no military spouse should have their career subjugated because of their attachment to the Armed Forces.”
FEN Hub offers extended member services via online business support, downloadable guides on a range of employment and self-employment topics, mentoring, seminars and representation. A network of business support hubs across the UK’s MoD bases, British Forces Germany, Belgium and Cyprus has strengthened the outreach FEN Hub can provide to our members in their local communities and encourages peer supervision, creating a unique business network of entrepreneurs from a previously undervalued, high-quality resource of professionals from our Armed Forces Community.

Nadine Monks, Director at Evolution Forces Families says: “EFF’s mission statement is to improve the financial outcomes and futures of the military community through the services we offer. As part of this we recognise that a second income or aspirations beyond a service career can be integral to the planning of this. We are delighted to be part of this uniquely holistic approach to addressing these needs.”

For further information please contact:
T. 0330 0240 172

Home-Start Kennet - A Guide To Being A Home Visiting Volunteer

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Do You Know Your Housing Options?

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Carillionamey - Strengthening Links With Its Customers

LifeWorks Families - Support For Spouses

Free Dependants Business Start Up Courses 2016/17

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Little Troopers - Deployment Support For Families

As a charity we have recently relaunched our new Separation Packs and Send a Hug Kits for military families.

These are tangible resources to help British, Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force families through repeated separation periods from their service person and are of a tri-service design.

You can see more at

Transition - Guide to Securing Private Accommodation

Transition Newletter Information Sheet - A Planning Guide to Secure Private Accommodation can be seen at this link

Wiltshire Needs Childminders In Your Area