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Interested In Driving? - CPC Course

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Armed Forces Covenant Annual Review

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Never The Victim

                          For More Information Contact 
                       Nick Lowe on 07969 776 763 
                       or email: nick@eudo.org

                        Click HERE For More Information


                         Click HERE For More Information


                             More information contact 
                       Nick Lowe on 07969 776 763 
                       or email: nick@eudo.org

Storybook Soldiers - Deployment/Exercise

Contact details for any questions are Jane at Storybook Soldiers Management Team

10 AEC, Bdg 59, Jellalabad Barracks, 

Tidworth SP9 7BN

Telephone : 01980 - 650515 
(Tidworth Mil. 94342 2515)
Click On The Link For More Information  www.storybooksoldiers.co.uk

Army Welfare Service- Volunteer

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Military Personnel: Thinking of Doing a Course?

Standard Learning Credit (SLC) Service personnel may make SLC claims each financial year for 80% of any course fees; up to a maximum of £175 per year for approved vocational and academic courses.  This is a “use it or lose it” allowance, as the funding does not roll-over into the next financial year. Before starting any course, individuals must obtain prior approval.  Further details can be found in JSP 898 Pt 4 Chapt 4 or by contacting your local Education Centre Staff for further information/guidance.

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) The ELC allowance provides funding support to Service personnel who want to enhance their educational or vocational achievements for long-term personal development.  It may only be used to gain National Qualification Level 3 or higher qualifications. (i.e. A Level & some NVQ Level 4 or 5, 1st Degree, Post Graduate studies and Doctorate)  Candidates must have registered while serving and strict criteria apply when making a claim. Depending on a number of factors, this can amount to up to as much as £2000 per year, over a 3 year course. Again, individuals must both have registered and made their claim prior to starting any course.  Also, provided you registered whilst still serving , you may also claim for up to 10 years after leaving the service. See JSP 898 Pt 4 Chapt 3 for details or visit http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/  or contact your local Education Centre Staff for further information/guidance.  

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Chartered Management Institute

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Longleat Discount

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Calculate your Armed Forces Pension

You may be eligible for an armed forces pension if you’ve served in the armed forces.
Use this calculator to work out how much armed forces pension you may get.
Start now on the MOD service

Other ways to apply

You can also apply by post.
Download and fill in the pension forecast request (form 12) - the address is on the form.
The form covers the following pension schemes:
  • AFPS 75
  • AFPS 05
  • AFPS 15

Thursday, 17 November 2016

London Victory Services Club - Welfare And Respite For Service personnel

We are very proud of the Respite and Welfare initiative that we offer, which provides a stay in the Capital for nominated personnel of all ranks. These breaks are intended to offer welcome respite for personnel wounded or injured on Operational Service, or for individuals who have encountered a significant welfare issue.

Further information is available at this link 

and the Respite and Welfare initiative brochure is available here

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British Forces overseas posting: Cyprus

If you have received an assignment order to Cyprus contact your nearest HIVE. 

HIVES in Cyprus
Akrotiri HIVE (RAF Akrotiri)
Contact Akrotiri HIVE on 00357 2527 6390 or email akrotirihive@armymail.mod.uk

Ayios Nikolaos HIVE (JSSU)
Contact Ayios Nikolaos HIVE on 00357 2395 7699 or email ayiosnikolaoshive@armymail.mod.uk

Dhekelia HIVE (Dhekelia Station)
Contact Dhekelia HIVE on 00357 2474 4551 or email dhekeliahive@armymail.mod.uk

Episkopi HIVE (Episkopi Station)
Contact Episkopi HIVE on 00357 2596 2000 or email episkopihive@armymail.mod.uk

Contact Nicosia HIVE on 00357 2235 9316 or email nicosiahive@armymail.mod.uk

 HIVEs have information blogs.
 Register for email updates to keep informed about information relevant to you. 

Find out about RAF Akrotiri, accommodation, medical facilities, schools, amenities and recreation: HERE

MOD Veterans UK - Changes to Helpline Opening Hours

Changes to our helpline opening hours take effect on Monday 31 October 2016.

The opening hours for the Veterans UK helpline service will change to 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Analysis has shown that there are relatively few calls received in the early morning and evening and so the service has been re-organised to make more advisers available during our busiest times.

Callers phoning outside of these hours will still be offered an option to speak to our partners in the charities Combat Stress or The Samaritans where urgent assistance is needed. 

Defence Discount Service Discounts


State Benefits for Ex-Armed Forces Personnel

This useful guide produced by the Career Transition Partnership will help you find out more about State Benefits, including:

What benefits exist 

  • Eligibility
  • Benefits for those being medically discharged
  • Where to find further information and advice
  • Some frequently asked questions on the topic
You will also find details on some additional benefits and discount schemes for service and ex service personnel.

Credit Unions - Financial Help For Armed Forces

A new service offering simple savings accounts and "affordable" loans to military personnel, who can sometimes struggle to get access to financial products, has been launched by credit unions.

The arrangement, backed by the Ministry of Defence, means Armed Forces personnel will be able to save regularly or repay loans with credit unions directly through their pay packets, via deductions from their payroll.
Credit unions are mutual financial co-operatives that take deposits and give loans to members. Family members and retired personnel receiving a pension are also eligible to join the new service, whose launch coincides with International Credit Union Day.

Credit unions trade association Abcul (the Association of British Credit Unions Limited) says that over the years, people serving in the Armed Forces have reported difficulties accessing credit because their job involves moving regularly and it can be challenging to build up a good credit rating. It adds that some personnel report being targeted by high-cost lenders.
                        Please click HERE for further information

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tesco Direct Delivers To British Forces Post Office (BFPO) Addresses

  Tesco are pleased to inform you that they are now able to deliver to British Forces Post Office locations around the globe.  

 For more details  CLICK HERE

Social Housing Opportunity

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Carillionamey SFA Notice - Check Your Heating Works Now!

As we are approaching autumn and colder weather is soon to arrive, you will want to make sure the heating in your home is in good working order.

Please check that your boiler is working. 
Is it firing up properly? 
Are the radiators heating up? 

If you notice an issue, please call the  Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 (option 1) to log a repair.
The  Helpdesk is open 24/7 365 days a year. 

For further guidance please see our self-help videos 
Click HERE  to view

Monday, 17 October 2016

AFF Foreign & Commonwealth Support Back On Track

AFF is delighted to welcome Jessica Harriman to the role of AFF Foreign & Commonwealth Assistant.
Foreign & Commonwealth (F&C) queries remain one of our largest areas of enquiry and we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we offer to families.  Read more
If you have an F&C related query, the F&C pages on the AFF website should always be your first point of call where you may be able to find the solution.
However, If you do need to contact Jessica, please email fcsupport@aff.org.uk with your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Enquiry details
  • Copy of visa or letter from Home Office
  • Personal details i.e. length of Service of soldier or date of discharge, date when soldier naturalised, date when spouse/child entered the UK, place of birth of children etc.
  • Any deadline dates

If you don’t provide as much information as possible it will take longer to receive the advice or information that you need.
Jessica is available Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm and will contact you as soon as she can – usually within 10 working days.
If you query is more urgent, please visit the gov.uk website  where you may be able to access a government approved advisor who can meet a tight deadline. Please note, there may be a charge for this service.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Ripple Pond - Support Network For Families Of Physically & Emotionally Injured Personnel/Veterans

Big White Wall - Support To UK Armed Forces, Veterans And Families

More information on www.bigwhitewall.com

AFF Survey - How Do You Make Work "Work For You?"

How do you make work 'work' for you? That's the theme of our latest survey, which aims to understand the barriers you might face in employment as an Army spouse.
Our survey runs from 19-30 September and covers the types of employment Army spouses and partners undertake, how you manage childcare, what support you receive from your soldier (if any) and how you deal with the issue of mobility when working.
Tell us your reasons for working, whether it's financially viable and the secret to your success!

Your evidence will help us to understand better what support is needed, and could help other spouses and partners to forge their own career success.

                                        Click here to take our survey and share your experience. 

Save 50% On Places To Eat!


                                           CLICK HERE

AFF South West Co-ordinator

NI Credits For Overseas Postings Since 1975

National Insurance credits for partners of armed forces personnel overseas after 6 April 1975

How spouses and civil partners of armed forces personnel posted overseas can fill gaps in their National Insurance record.
Apply online : Click here

National Insurance For Forces Dependents Overseas

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Money Managment For UK Service People

For more information click on the linkwww.moneyforce.org.uk

Service Families Accomodation - Are You Pet Prepared?


CLICK HERE for the full details

CarillionAmey Message - Mail Redirection On Move-Out Of SFA

When Moving Out of your Service Family Accommodation please make sure that you have arranged to redirect your mail.
The Post Office offers a redirection service at: